“Gosia’s work is wise, profound and insightful and this is reflected in this very special CD. I use it myself as well as recommending it to my patients and clients and I love it. Her words and visualisations take you several steps beyond calm and relaxed to joyful, grateful and deeply peaceful. It truly opens your heart.”

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, author of Tired But Wired

“My life has changed so much for the better, beyond belief, since I started connecting to my heart. It is so powerful. I’ve learnt adopting gratitude and blessings in my daily life – for everything and everyone, including myself! This has had a huge positive impact on my life. I’m now healthier, happier, luckier, peaceful and more prosperous! It’s so simple yet incredibly powerful. I am so grateful for what I believe is a miracle.”

Mary-Jane Marsh

“I often cry these days from sheer gratitude. It’s as though the entire universe is conspiring to ensure my life is amazing! From grief, a nightmare financial situation and fear has come wealth, love and freedom – joie de vivre has been restored. Listen to the CD. Practice! And you too, will know miracles, absolute miracles.”

Jacqui Connor, consultant

“I was one of those people who say meditation is not for me… till I got Gosia’s CD. Her gentle voice makes me calmer and very relaxed. I find it very useful in the evening it really helps me to switch off and fall asleep like a baby. Using Gosia’s program can help you to change your attitude towards life, yourself and others and help you on your journey to your dreams.”

Aneta Stachowska, coach

Gosia’s unique approach to re-focusing mind energy and stimulating productivity whilst creating peace of mind during periods of rapid change and stress, is a testament to her process and her gifts. As a Brand Impact specialist, my work with her in the boardroom has proved more valuable than I ever anticipated. I recommend Gosia’s methods and her approach for forward thinking organisations and individuals.

Daniel Forhwein, Brand Impact Specialist

“I have been listening to this program for the past 2 years. Thanks to this I have developed the habit of gratitude and I feel rich and fulfilled. I have started to trust in perfect timing. I have discovered the alchemy of my heart.”

Agnieszka Michalska, consultant

“Since I have been listening to Gosia’s Successful Heart program, I have started feeling more unconditional love towards myself and the world around me. My goals and dreams began to realise with greater lightness and ease. I am constantly amazed how powerful my heart is and I am feeling more joy and inner peace than ever before.”

Wojtek Kaczyk, coach and trainer

“I have been using Gosia’s guided morning meditations for about 4 mornings a week for the last 5 months. The 11 minute morning meditation – which I am focusing on – makes it easy to slot into my day. I began seeing such great results from it very shortly after starting to build it into my routine. And it seems each time I use the CD, it feels different or I focus on different aspects, so I really believe it is working for me in the ways I specifically need each time. Now this is firmly part of my morning routine, I am really looking forward to using the other two meditations on the CD.”

Penelope Newton-Hurley, Communication Specialist

“I am a regular user of Gosia’s program. I have uploaded it on my iPhone and I listen to it consistently every day and night. First of all, I listen to Gosia’s voice and her uplifting spirit puts me in a good mood already. I am guided by her instruction into beautiful heart/gratitude/desire visualisation journeys that never fail to start my day feeling positive and with the right mindset, and then I finish the day acknowledging the greatness of my life and drift into sleep with a smile on my face. This CD  has transformed my life for the better, my mood has hugely improved; it has significantly affected my performance and happiness. I can’t recommend it enough. I have overcome cancer and Gosia’s coaching and CD have been profoundly responsible for my recovery.”

Clauida Melli, The Creator of The London School of Pleasure

“I found Gosia’s CD very calming, thought-provoking and helpful. I practise ‘counting my blessings’ and sending blessings every morning and night and am finding that it helps me stay calm, appreciative and ‘in the moment’.”


“Wow thank you for making this amazing CD Gosia; it really has helped me to manifest my desires and feel very peaceful as I drift off to sleep. I also feel grounded and calm for the day ahead. Your voice evokes a gentle feeling of peace throughout my entire being and I rarely get to consciously remember the end of the CD before I am asleep! My heart is lighter and I cannot recommend YOU enough. THANK YOU from the depths of my Happy Heart.”

Georgina Parsons , Energy Medicine Therapist