‘I believe that everybody can be a change maker. We are here to make a difference. I would love to help you to take care of your mental and emotional fitness. By working from the place of peace and clarity, you will naturally make outstanding decisions with a profoundly positive impact on yourself, your family, your businesses and the whole world.’

Gosia Gorna


Gosia Gorna is a successful transformational coach and trainer who works with clients from across the world. One of the most remarkable coaches in the UK today, Gosia uses intuitive insight and a range of highly effective techniques to bring about a profound transformation in people’s lives.

In the past 20 years she has assisted over 5000 people to make outstanding decisions in their lives by helping them to clear their fears and use their intuition with confidence.

Working with her brings clarity and comfort in times of confusion as, using the power of the heart and the mind, she turns seemingly insurmountable difficulties into the seeds of a more positive and life-altering journey.

Her passion is helping people discover what makes them unique and helping them regain power over their own life so they can achieve their goals and life’s purpose. Often this involves recognising and releasing emotional and mental blocks – making the impossible possible. By helping her clients to let go of fear, trust their inner wisdom and achieve clarity about the choices they make and their life’s direction, she sets them firmly on the road to fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

Highly practical and geared towards producing fast results and solutions, Gosia’s work is delivered in a gentle and deeply inspiring manner.

Gosia works with change makers who want to make a difference in the world.

You can find further details about Gosia’s work and courses at www.gosiagorna.com.


From Fear to Brilliance

Gosia is also the author of the book FROM FEAR TO BRILLIANCE which is going to be published in 2013. She has created a powerful, simple and highly effective fear release technique. The purpose of it is to access our natural state of brilliance and clarity, so we can make a bigger difference in the world.

Qualifications and experience

Gosia is a qualified practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming, time-line therapy, thought field therapy (TFT), hypnotherapy and life coaching. She holds a Diploma in Life Coaching from Newcastle College accredited by NCFE and a Certificate of Coaching Skills accredited by ICF.

Gosia has worked with numerous high profile clients, including business leaders, visionaries and celebrities in the world of music, film, theatre and fashion. Her work has featured on TV, radio and in various newspapers and magazines, including the internationally renowned business newspaper the Financial Times, as well as the Evening Standard and Here’s Health.

She is the former President of Toastmasters International public speaking and leadership club in London. She also works for a breast cancer charity that delivers a range of free complimentary treatments, support and therapies for people affected by breast cancer.

Some of Gosia’s most popular seminars include:

  • The Year I Would Love to Have
  • How to Use Your Heart to Shift Your Life
  • Intuition Masterclass