Your Heart is the Key to Your Success


Gosia GórnaI am a transformational coach and trainer with 20 years’ experience. I have worked with over 5000 people and I realise there is one ingredient above all others that fuels changes and breakthroughs for clients – and that is the harnessing of ‘heart-power’.

Most of us are familiar with ‘mind over matter’ and ‘brainpower’, but actually the path to a more fulfilling life can be found ‘close to your heart’.

The Successful Heart Method on my double CD The Successful Heart guides you to connect with your heart and opens the most powerful channel within. Using simple yet extremely effective techniques, enveloped by the transformational power of gratitude, blessing and love, you will effortlessly create a truer, more satisfying and ultimately more successful life than you could imagine.


My professional and personal experience, supported by wide scientific research has led me to believe that being able to tap into the power of the heart is the most important skill that leads to a more happy and successful life.


Learn to Listen to your Heart and Live from your Heart – it’s the key to success!